Time-Cap Labs has established itself as one of the premier generic pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in the United States.  We have been actively manufacturing products for over thirty-seven years with consistent focus on quality, safety and efficacy.  Our innovation has been widely recognized with our tablet coating processes, for which we hold several patent that have established industry standards.

Company Profile

We specialize in new delayed and sustained release dosages. We also manufacture a wide range of solid oral dosage in the form of:


  • Tablets (plain, enteric coated and film coated)

  • Hard Gelatin Capsules

  • Soft Gelatin Capsules

  • Softgels

Time-Cap Labs offers diverse Over the Counter formulations including analgesics, laxatives, dietary supplements, cough and cold medications, prescription drugs. Any formulation can be manufactured under your own private label to produce additional value for your store brand while producing consumer loyalty.  Our Time-Cap Labs label products have been a mainstay for over thirty-seven years for consumers who seek a safe, effective, and value based experience over expensive brands.  


Our growing prescription product line offers millions of consumers the opportunity to maintain good health while providing a significant cost savings.  We are continuing to pursue a pipeline of innovative products across a multiple of therapeutic categories.  These products are widely distributed by wholesalers, chain drug stores, big box, and mail order pharmacies.


Our world-class manufacturing facilities utilize state-of-the-art technology, as well as adherence to Certified Good Manufacturing practices under stringent regulatory lab testing.​


Time Cap Labs manufacturing plants are home to cutting-edge product innovation and formulation development processes that cater to global needs. 

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