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Providing a Solid Dose of Innovation®

Welcome to Time-Cap Labs, Inc. Time-Cap has a well-established tradition of manufacturing pharmaceuticals for over thirty-seven years.  Time-Cap Labs offers Over-The-Counter (OTC) products that are available for bulk purchasing for repacking and resale.  With over seventy-five products that are well utilized throughout the world, we can add instant value to your product line with a variety recognized therapeutic items.  Our expertise in private label manufacturing can help your pharmacy increase profits with a store brand that will entice your customers with cost savings, and create consumer loyalty.  In addition, we can offer multiple tablet and capsule counts and packaging from bottles to carton blister packs to best suit your needs.  


The Time-Cap product line includes innovative products from tablets, capsules, caplets and softgels.  We offer supplements produced in our FDA regulated facility that can capture additional sales in your store label. Our OTC line is manufactured to the highest standards and

goes through quality assurance testing that assures our customers receive a product that has undergone extensive lab testing. We offer our products in the Time-Cap label as well. They are widely recognized by consumers for its long-standing value and a safe and reliable experience.

Time-Cap Labs has an equally strong presence in the prescription pharmaceutical market. Our company manufactures tablets, capsules, soft gels, and caplets across a multiple of therapeutic categories. Our products are widely distributed by major pharmacy chains, distributors and wholesalers. We ensure the healthy well being of millions of customers, while providing a significant cost saving versus costly brands. Our product line is continually evolving with new products.  Time-Cap Labs focus on producing high quality products and providing excellent customer service will ensure our growth as an emerging leader in the OTC and prescription Rx market.



For product quality or adverse events Reporting 
See our Adverse Events Reporting section or call 1-877-290-4008 or 1-877-376-4271

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